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If someone did this in stock trading to purposely manipulate the price, they would get thrown in prison.However, to compensate their customers for this incident takes a lot of initiative.It was, in theory, possible to deduce that an event such as this margin call cascade could occur.

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Often the ones most critical of margin traders are the ones with the least knowledge of how margins, or trading in general, works.Then all of a sudden I have no debt but I also have no collateral, I have 0 dollars and 0 eth.

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They may well have found something in their investigation that points to liability, insider collusion, or major manipulation in violation of their ToS. (Edit: or they may have just decided this was cheaper than another week at low volume.) We may never know.You continue to set an new standard of ethics and professionalism in this space.Anyone know how long it might take GDAX to return ETH to my account after a failed transfer.For example, the portfolio could be liquidated at a rate of 1% of the total commodity held every second until the maintenance margin is reached.I have been a Coinbase customer for a long time and previously thought they provided a quality service.When this happens again (and it WILL happen again) will they bail out the margin traders again.

Having protection against a temporary (one that lasts seconds) price spike or drop is a standard feature of real stock markets.The people involved are lucky as hell and should take a few moments to understand more about exchanges and markets.Sell purchased eth at a huge profit and pay people off in dollars.I mean good for all those people who lost money, but it was competely, 100% their own fault.

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Not really interested in dice games or blackjack with my ETH,.

Having zero oversight at all is bad but having any oversight can lead to corruption.Some serious rektage. ico yesterday apparently created congestion on the ETH network which many speculators claim created the downfall, however, I see there is more to this story.Their negligence to include safety measures on a market that handles so much money is irresponsible.Totally understand why they did it, but without an underlying change they are just inviting this to happen again.Day by day, the vested interest of highly strategically well marketing resources are growing only adding to the momentum of mega pumps incoming.Just as irresponsible as margin trading without full knowledge of potential outcomes.

Price Movement Shows Strong Market Value. OPINION. Ether Price Analysis: Price Movement Shows Strong Market Value.For all the rookies that had no idea what they were doing I hope that the last few days of your stomach being turned into knots was enough for you to learn your lesson for the future.Coinbase is supposed to be the custodian and the pricing should be based on GDAX dollar price of ETH. Recent News via Reddit.

I run a small trading group of young guys and many of them lost everything, but he was the worst of them all.This is about margin calls that closed out the position of people who were not over leveraged by almost any reasonable standard, because GDAX refused to implement a collar or trade reversal policy.Coinbase Becomes GDAX and Adds. as the exchange platform will support ETH trading soon. An API call with an LTC ticker had shown up on Reddit,.

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Coinbase Not to Include Ethereum Classic Support Anytime Soon. For customers who had ETH balances on GDAX immediately prior to.The most widely-used exchange, Coinbase-owned GDAX, operates like a.The idea of their money being protected in case of a hack is kind of attractive.Reddit Gold acts similarly to the early days of Kik Points where users could exchange a digital good that had some sort of.Vumble is the easiest way to discover what the Internet is watching right.

Noone should be negative on this. Noone. They have no obligation to do this, but they recognized their trading algorithm was not up to customer expectation and are taking responsibility for that.

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GDAX blamed the flash vehicle crash on a multi-million dollar market offer order your.

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At the same time this makes a lot of people who got burned by what is flatly concerted market manipulation whole.Some ETH owners lost quite a bit of money, because GDAX automatically.

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Or there should have been a time requirement prior to margin being liquidated.

And GDAX being God-fucking-tier is how I got it back HOLY SHIT.

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As someone who is in the legal profession, I can tell you they do have a prima facie case.You may have just made me (and many others) a customer for life.The best exchange should have the best liquidation algorithms.

If you had 1% leverage on GDAX during the event, you lost everything.The latest problems to afflict troubled exchange Coinbase is having long-delayed bank transfer issues for some.Coinbase Launches Margin Trading on GDAX for Institutional Traders. ETH, and LTC order books. BITCOIN REDDIT.