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On June 7th, they announced that they were improving their support capacity.This coin started out as a joke on Reddit and has gained popularity as a meme. They support crypto currencies as well as traditional.In addition to the many, very legitimate, reasons that Poloniex faces challenges in providing smooth operations, the article also quite blatantly and directly points users to review the full terms and conditions of using the Poloniex platform, as seen in this statement directly from the article itself.

Coincidences can and do occur in eerily uncomfortable situations, but for them to occur multiple times, regarding the same situation.Quote from: papasmurph on March 09, 2016, 11:39:47 pm Voted on Poloneix Thank you and welcome to the original community.The issue will have stories...

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Poloniex is a US-based digital asset exchange offering maximum security and advanced trading features.Abaev attempted to resolve the issue via Poloniex customer support. have taken to Reddit to.

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Bitcoin News: Poloniex Customer Support Issues Prevent User From Accessing Account for Over 2 Weeks.Our bitcoin bot can allow you to automate bitcoin trades using technical analysis indicators.

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While there is always Bitcointalk.org and Reddit,. why is it that Poloniex support has become worse then it has.

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It also can be seen as a sign of how the exchange is dealing with some.

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Show us a bit of transparency. let us know that our funds are secure and not in jeopardy. help us to help you and in doing so, help to end the all-to-often-implemented practice of ignoring cryptocurrency users since there is nothing they can do.

One user reached out to us explaining how his Poloniex support ticket is open for some time now.That was followed up by notice on the same day that they were discontinuing their Trollbox to meet ever-increasing support demands.

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Poloniex lists only a registered agent service as the contact information, with no other info given on any of the possible owners, director, officers employees or other related individuals.

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It seems Poloniex staffers are more active on Reddit than through their own support portal at.That leaves the question, Is there some culpable negligence, or even worse, premeditated malintent involved in these recent issues.

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All that is required is that the registered agent is physically located within Delaware and that their address is listed as contact information.

Poloniex Site Notices Might Have Been First Steps In Crisis Management.Did Poloniex staff, in fact, take steps to prepare for these imminent issues over a month ago, all the while, keeping it quiet instead of informing users.Creating Your Own Spreadsheets and Charts Using Poloniex API - Part 1. My Bitcoin Address for any support is:.Poloniex and Bittrex offer a different environment for acquiring Monero in that you. making it the first exchange to support a fiat-XMR.

Poloniex: the Trollbox Is Dead, Long Live the. away to concentrate all support staff on processing support tickets.Poloniex phone number format. Twilio Support Twilio strongly.Status Quo, or at least anyone would have thought this was just normal, everyday operations.In Delaware, the corporation can simply hire a registered agent service, as a corporation in any state can do, but in Delaware, the corporate officers and director, be it 5 people or one, can choose to remain anonymous.However, they are incorporated in the state of Delaware, which is the Mecca of corporate havens.All offices may be held by a single person who also can be the sole shareholder.BreadWallet, the popular Bitcoin iOS wallet, will also support BCH.